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Through her studies and professional work, Sandi has had several opportunities to work with some of the country's best and brightest to help improve and streamline their communication strategies and goals.

From developing event strategic communication plans for the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, to working with Special Olympics's on their 2017 World Winter Games Youth Summit, to helping Love & Carrots DC develop a full-fledged strategic communication plan, Sandi is ready to tackle any strategic communication challenge, including yours!

We feel like we hit the jackpot with Sandra Moynihan. As a small and relatively new company, we had a lot of room to improve our marketing strategy — but not a lot of funding. Sandi not only provided her services pro-bono, but also created a deliverable that exceeded our wildest expectations. In the Strategic Communication Plan that she developed for Love & Carrots, Sandi provided thoughtful, well-researched, and specific recommendations on how we could better reach our client base. The quality of Sandi’s work is impeccable, from big-picture marketing strategies (like what “buzz words” will be the most effective with our client base) to small details (like including our company colors in her deliverable).

Our company has been using Sandi’s Strategic Communication Plan to great success. From her suggestions, we have completely redesigned our website (both layout and content) to make it cohesive, clear, and user-friendly on both web and mobile platforms. We streamlined our marketing materials (web and print ads) to follow her general messaging framework, and have had much more success; not only are our marketing materials more visually appealing, they also sell our services better than ever before. Sandi’s suggestion of having an instagram campaign that incorporated endorsements from our current clients has been a huge success. With our hashtag “#whyIgarden”, we’ve gained followers on our social media as well as the attention from a major influencer (High Mowing Seeds) who uses a similar tag (#whywegrow) and now wants to collaborate.

Love & Carrots now considers Sandi’s Strategic Communication Plan with every marketing decision we make. It is the base of our general messaging, and guides all our marketing and social media content. Her plan has been an invaluable resource to us. In addition, Sandi is an absolute joy to work with. She is relaxed, unobtrusive, prompt, and professional. We highly recommend her services for anyone looking to have an extremely comprehensive plan and a fantastic working relationship.
— Love & Carrots DC
We enjoyed working with the students [in Sandi Moynihan’s group] who brought fresh perspectives to our work. The engagement with them carried forth to the event they were working toward, and we are grateful to them and Georgetown that they could see their work in action.
— Kirsten Suto Seckler, Special Olympics Chief Marketing Officer
I met Sandra when she was a graduate student in a communications strategy course I taught at Georgetown University. Sandra immediately stood out as an outstanding communications professional with an eye for detail. She is extremely perceptive and insightful; her questions in my course always focused on identifying the root of a communications challenge and brainstorming thoughtful solutions. In the course, she was required to craft a comprehensive approach to a hypothetical communications problem for a major consumer brand. Her plan was masterfully written; she included practical approaches to online and offline tactics that were bold and creative while also being sensitive to budget and time constraints. Sandra was an exceptional student and I look forward to seeing her become an industry leader.
— Alyson Curtis, Former Georgetown University Professor & Communications, Health and Social Marketing Strategist